About TDH

Hey Dahls!
It's me, Hannah - 

I love playing pretend, hosting mini tea parties, dressing up, dancing & creating and in 2020 I turned these passions into The Dahl House (TDH).

TDH aspires to create a daydream world powered by adult abstractions. A fantasy world that is filled with chic secondhand objects and specialty designed products representative of a dollhouse; items that remind you of things you played pretend with as a child, but also fit into your adult world and lifestyle, high-end and alluring. 
In curating the shop, I aim to implement sustainable sourcing and shipping habits while carefully selecting only the most unique pieces. 
The Dahl House is feminine - dainty but powerful, flirty - quirky yet enticing, youthful - enthusiastic and limitless and sweet like jell-o.