The Story of TDH

The Dahl House (TDH) is a pink life-size dollhouse, created & designed by Hannah Dahl. Hannah is an Interior Designer, freelance creative, UGC creator, as well as a miniatures & Calico Critter enthusiast. With her deep love of nostalgia, she has curated a fantasy dream world with her Dahl House design, combining aesthetics & influences of nostalgia, Shabby Chic, vintage Barbie, the 80s and touches of Victorian style. Growing up with the impact of her mother, Interior Designer Debbie Dahl, who was also a Set Decorator for the show Pee Wee’s Playhouse (and won and Emmy Award) back in the 1980’s, Hannah has forever been inspired by nostalgic, whimsical & dream-like designs, which have remained a big influence to her & her style to this day. Hannah is a devoted lover of themes; once she’s inspired by a style — her whole world encompasses that, and becomes a project & art form of self-expression. She loves utilizing her skill to help others with their dreams, and bring their design fantasies to life. 
Originally from Orange County, CA, Hannah had a spiritual awakening around her 25th birthday with the color pink — she was always playing around with different styles & trends, never fully finding one that felt completely her, and one night while she was painting her walls different colors, she tried using pink. And when the bubblegum pink paint started to fill her walls, her heart filled with warmth & nostalgia, and an inner child healing feeling took over. She felt authentically in-tune with herself for the first time ever. She now had a clear vision. She knew she wanted to create a life-size Dahl House, utilizing her passion for interior design & combining it with her name & personal style. She wanted it to embody who she is at her core. Like when you’re a child, unobstructed by world opinions or influenced by trends yet, and your imagination runs so wild and freely. She wanted to capture that feeling and reproduce it into an experience. She risked almost everything to make this passion project come to life. After months of searching for the perfect place to call home, she finally found her dream 1920’s apartment in Cathay Square, LA. In July 2021, TDH was born.
Spending almost every waking moment curating this house, obsession & passion overtook, while discovering her true personal style. All of the little aesthetic & design details felt like they were falling into place, as she discovered her own style throughout this process. And along the way, she discovered her deeply rooted purpose for her project: to heal her inner child. After all the blood sweat & tears of traveling all over the country, sourcing & spending sleepless nights brainstorming, dreaming & designing, the home felt somewhat finished, about a year after she moved in. Hannah’s Dahl House in LA soon became a photoshoot location, where the pink magical shoots, parties & UGC campaigns took place. It blossomed into a beautiful community, where vintage & pink lovers could connect, share stories, friendships, artwork & create content together. Hannah’s home soon became one that she shared with other artists, creatives & brands. It has been featured in various home publications such as Domino, AD/Clever, Homeworthy and Tastemade Home. A lot of special memories to cherish from this period. But, a new adventure was calling.
It became time to say goodbye to this chapter. Hannah has now moved on from this magical spot in LA. She packed up her life, her home, and all of her special pink treasures, said goodbye to CA, and hit the open road with her sweet boy, Spencer, and traveled across the country to Oklahoma (Bowklahoma) to be closer to family. She is now renovating & transforming her new home, a vintage 1920’s house on a small, charming prairie in Guthrie, OK into the new Dahl House 2.0 ~ with Spencer & their pups, Piggy & Boji.
Hannah’s love for themes, set design & curating vintage decor has flowered into the new Dahl House website. TDH is now a shoppable home experience again — this time a curated blend of vintage, handmade & new. Only listing items that Hannah would have in her own Dahl House. One-of-a-kind rare vintage pieces that she has found while treasure hunting. Pieces for you to feel like you can have a little bit of TDH in your own home. 
The Dahl House is for the Dahls that believe in fairytales, daydream in bugglegum pink, and find love in nostalgia. Hannah believes that decorating your home with your heart & soul is a beautiful form of self-expression, that everyone should feel happy & at peace with themselves in their space, and that you can find joyous ways to heal your inner child through design & decor. She hopes these items bring you Dahls lots of bliss, as she has had so much fun putting a lot of love into curating these special treasures for you to enjoy.


First 2 photos by @avisperspective next 3 photos @mleeoney last photo @missssayy