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Vintage Tulips Bow

Vintage Tulips Bow

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š“£š“±š“® š“«š“²š“°š“°š“®š“» š“½š“±š“® š“‘š“øš”€ š“½š“±š“® š“¬š“µš“øš“¼š“®š“» š“½š“ø š“—š“®š“Ŗš“暝“®š“·.Ā 

Add a touch of BabyDahl to your home with our Big BabyDahl Vintage Bows. Hang our Bows over your vanity, bed, clothing rack, garden arch, sofa, door or wherever your heart desires for a dreamy addition to your home.


ā™”ļøŽ handmade, limited edition & made to order Bows hand crafted with lots of love.

ā™”ļøŽ this Vintage style is a LIMITED EDITION STOCK! when it's gone, it's gone!

ā™”ļøŽ made from a soft polyester cotton blend with a satin finish.

ā™”ļøŽ details of tulips adorn this whimsical Vintage Bow.

ā™”ļøŽ this Vintage Bow is ready to ship within 2 weeks of purchase.

ā™”ļøŽ please be mindful that all of our Bows are handmade, and no two are exactly the same. they may come with some tiny imperfections. however, small and hardly noticeable, we believe these add to the unique character & vintage style charm of our Bows.Ā 

ā™”ļøŽ special introduction pricing for this drop only.

Bow tie: 34" W x 20" H

Bow ribbons: 12" W x 4ā€™ H

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